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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer's Last Fling

My son only has two weeks until school starts up again. He is feeling the 'end of summer blues' and lamenting that it won't be long until the alarm will go off every morning, and he will be back in the routine of homework. I hope it will be a good year this year. Middle school can be hard.
Teachers are also busy getting their classrooms prepared for the onslaught of children's voices and backpacks, questions and laughter. To let kids know who you are, why not wear an embroidered polo shirt with your name and the grade you teach on it? And some schools have special dress-down days for teachers on Fridays where they can wear t-shirts and jeans to school.
So here are some teacher tshirts and hats for back to school wear.
2nd Grade Teacher Hat embroideredhat
2nd Grade Teacher Hat by teachertshirts

I Heart Kindergarten Teacher shirt
I Heart Kindergarten Teacher by teachertshirts

Funny School Principal T-shirt shirt
Funny School Principal T-shirt by teachertshirts

So what are you doing for summer's last fling? Does your family take a last vacation before school begins, or do you spend your time at the pool or the beach if you're lucky enough to live near one. Video games and movies are popular at our house, and since I don't let my son watch them on school days, he wants to make sure he gets his fill before 'real life' sets back in. We also like to make day trips to historical sites and lucky for me, he seems to enjoy learning how to cook so we've been exploring some culinary treats. Whatever you like to do before school starts, enjoy it while you can!

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