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Friday, March 12, 2010

Things Very Special - Great New Shopping Site
Sometimes you find a website that is the kind you just have to bookmark and go back to over and over. Let me tell you about one that I think you will put into that category!
A friend of mine is the genius behind a wonderful, fresh new apparel shopping website that offers quality products and really great customer service.
It is called THINGS VERY SPECIAL, and that is exactly what you will find when you stop by for a visit. From the clean layout to the wonderful designs that are available on a nice selection of clothing, you will find this website to be a cut above others you may have shopped at recently.
What makes this site special?
*Exclusive Designs - look for the round orange label to find fresh, family friendly designs that are exclusive to this website. You won't find these anywhere else on the web.
*Personalization Available - many designs on the site can be personalized by requesting a different phrase or by adding a custom name to the design.
*Fast, professional shipping - when you receive your first order, you will see immediately why Things Very Special is extra special when it comes to customer service.
*Quality Brands - from Rabbit Skins infant apparel to Hyp dorm tees, Anvil recycled tshirts and canvas tote bags to Gildan mens t shirts, you will find great clothing in a large selection of colors and sizes. is run by a dedicated staff who will give attention to each detail of your order, from the careful production through the timely shipping.
Here is a glance at one set of men's tshirts, the pigmentdyed tees:

You will find some of our most popular Homewiseshopper designs offered at Things Very Special too, so take advantage of being able to get them customized just for you in a whole new way.
Earth Day 2010
New designs are being added daily. Shop now for Earth Day 2010 organic t-shirts, birthdays, Irish lover tees, personalized name gifts, funny slogan shirts, foodie gifts, sibling tshirts and much more.

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