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Monday, November 17, 2008

Union Eight - A World Famous Brand On Zazzle

In honor of the official birth of Union Eight, in conjunction with Zazzle, Union Eight is having a three-day 2008 Holiday Sale, as a gift to its loyal customers, and also a gift to new customers who are searching for Christmas savings this year due to the bad economy. "This is our special Christmas gift to you, and we hope you'll come back and shop with us throughout the year." The following Union Eight stores are offering major price reductions:

and Gifts

Cowpie Creek

T-shirts And Family Gifts


Awesome Tee Shirts and Gifts

Irish T-Shirts

Cards T-shirts and Gifts


Homewise Shopper Says Shop Union Eight

The Homewise Shopper thinks there is no better place online for unique Christmas gifts for friends and family members than at Union Eight. They offer over 70 unique shops including kids t-shirts, Grandma gifts, holiday designs on mugs, aprons, t-shirts and tote bags, funny tee shirts for teens and adults, vegan wear, stick figure designs, embroidered apparel and much more. For quick and easy Christmas shopping and great personalized products, visit the many shops at Union Eight.
SagArt Shops
3 Day 2008 Holiday Sale Of Reduced Priced Products At All >Sagart Shops
OctoberChild T-shirts Gifts
3 Day Christmas Sale On Small Potatoes Kids FromOctoberChild T-shirts
Cowpie Creek Gifts
Special Sale This Week at Cowpie Creek, Stick People And Veggie Shirts
TeeWit T-shirts

Special Discounts At Peacock Cards Shops This Week!
SpeakUp Designs
What Is Union Eight?
"Union Eight is a cooperative effort by eight individuals who are contributing individual talents to a collective effort to maximize their ability to penetrate niche markets; gain a larger percentage of the market share in niche arenas; and maximize net profitability by merging efforts to promote and sell material goods."

Saturday, November 15, 2008

October Child For Christmas Gift Ideas

Visit OCTOBER CHILD T-SHIRTS AND GIFTS for great holiday gift selections.
Why run all over the mall when you can one-stop-shop at a great online source? We carry t-shirts and gift items like music lover t-shirts, book lover gifts, mom to be maternity designs, kids and baby cartoon t-shirts, travel shirts for the 50 states, embroidered teacher polos and other job tees and many other perfect holiday gift ideas. So come on by and shop awhile.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cute Embroidered Shirts and Gifts

A new phenomenon has emerged in online shopping this week. It's the advent of EOD - Embroidery On Demand from Zazzle. Now you can add your own artwork or family logo to polo shirts, tote bags, caps and jackets, and Zazzle will convert them to real embroidery. It is an expensive process but unlike anything else available to the home shopper.
Or, you can choose from many pre-embroidered designs in the Zazzle marketplace. The shirts, caps and jackets have beautiful designs and make great gifts for holiday shoppers.
Here are a few of my favorite Zazzle sites that are offering real embroidery products this fall:
Silly String Embroidery - great selection of embroidered shirts and gifts for all ages.

Shop at ThingsVerySpecial