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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our Cookie Grandma

When our kids were growing up, my mother in law always made a point of mailing them a box of homemade cookies along with their birthday card and cash. She sent $1 for each year of their age, a tradition she still continues for our younger children. Our kids called her the "Cookie Grandma". Because we live 3 thousand miles away and haven't been able to visit often with her, she wanted our children to know who she was and not get her mixed up with their other Grandma. She sent a photo of herself with "Cookie Grandma" written on it that I taped to our kitchen wall and which hung there for many years. Here is a picture of one of our kids, all grown up, visiting my mother in law at the house where all those cookies were baked. Now, cupcakes are all the rage, so in honor of our Cookie Grandma I have made a series of "Cupcake Grandma" aprons and shirts for all those Grandmas out there who love to bake cupcakes and cookies for their grandkids.

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