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Friday, October 1, 2010

Fight Breast Cancer Through Showing Your Support For Families

When a family member has breast cancer, it affects everyone. Friends too are so emotionally involved as someone they love is being treated for this all too common disease. October is breast cancer awareness month. Won't you consider holding a neighborhood walk or get-together to raise funds for research and treatment or to donate to someone in your community that may be battling breast cancer? Be creative in finding ways to encourage neighbors to donate or help.
Energy can be at a low when undergoing treatment. Think you're too busy to get involved in a big way? When someone you know is diagnosed, consider helping in the following ways as a neighborhood support group:
* make meals for the family that can be frozen and cooked or reheated on treatment days.
* mow the lawn or vacuum out a car for a patient.
* volunteer to walk younger children to the bus stop or to drive carpool.
* stop by to help children with homework
* drop off reading material or music
* send an inspirational card anonymously with a restaurant gift card
* offer to walk a pet for the patient.
These are just a few little things that might be helpful, depending on the treatment or disease stage. Don't forget to say a little prayer for the patient and their family too.

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