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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Simple Autumn Decorating Ideas

I went to the grocery store today to get some dinner items for our house guests, and noticed that they had a full display of gourds, pumpkins, Indian corn and other goodies that spell 'fall'. It reminded me that it is time to think about decorating our porch for autumn. With everyone watching their pennies these days, I thought it might be good to post a list of inexpensive decorating ideas for families who want to add a little sparkle to their porch, windows or walkway this fall.
What To Buy:
If you live in a farming area, as we do, start your decorating with bales of hay!
Hay gives you a good base to build your display on, is inexpensive, and can make great mulch cover for garden beds when autumn is over. We get our hay from the local garden store, but feed stores and farmers markets are also good sources.
Once you have your base of hay bales, then you are ready to add some simple, colorful items that can be picked up at your local market. Try adding these:
- pots of mums (our grocery store has them 3/$10 this week)
- pumpkins
- gourds
- braids of Indian corn
And when you buy your straw bales, get one extra one to stuff a scarecrow with!
Use old clothes and a pillow case stuffed with straw to make your scarecrow. Put him in the center of your display and you will have a wonderful, welcoming home for the autumn holidays.
For Walkways:
Buy small pumpkins and small pots of mums, and alternate them in two rows framing your walkway. Don't forget to water your mums!
For Windows:
Tie Indian corn to windows in the same place you would put a small holiday wreath.
I hope you have fun decorating your home for Autumn!

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