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Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Bookplate Stickers For Book Lovers

Do you remember having any special books when you were a child, that had a bookplate in the front with your name on it? I do! My Aunt often brought me books as gifts when I was young, but usually she wrote an inscription in the front when she gave them to me, along with the date presented. But at some point, perhaps when I was an older child, I must have received a set of bookplate stickers that said "Nina, Her Book" on them. I loved those stickers and put them in my most treasured books!

Bookplates make lovely gifts for any book lover, and I've added some new ones to my Zazzle book lover gifts store this week. They are an inexpensive gift for a friend who loves to read, and best of all, you can personalize them so they are extra special, just by using the design tool!

I hope you will stop by to see them, and put them on your Christmas shopping list. Consider getting a book and a set of personalized bookplates as a gift for someone you love this year.

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