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Monday, October 20, 2008

Scrapbook Supplies For Home Shoppers

I'm a Scrapbook Diva shirt

I'm a Scrapbook Diva by scrapbooking
If you're into scrapbooking you have probably found that it's a lot easier to buy supplies online that it is to go to all those cutesy little scrapbook parties that I'm always getting postcards for. Or maybe you've never looked online for supplies? If not, let me give you some suggestions for great places to purchase scrapbook paper, stickers, cutters, albums, graphics you can run off yourself, stamps and more. You'll soon wonder why you ever bothered loading all the kids into the car for a trip to your local craft store when internet shopping is at your fingertips.
Stop by some of these wonderful sites when it's time to stock up on supplies:
Scrapbooking Supplies R Us
Scrapbooking Warehouse

Stick Figure Scrapbook Queen bag

Stick Figure Scrapbook Queen by

And for graphics to run off at home:
Cheryl Seslar Designs

Did Someone Say Scrapbook shirt

Did Someone Say Scrapbook by

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