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Friday, September 12, 2008

Emergency Supplies For Natural Disasters

It's September 12 2008 and Hurricane Ike is bearing down rapidly on Texas where it is expected to do catastrophic damage. Hurricanes aren't the only natural disasters that affect us - earthquakes, tornadoes, snow and ice storms and flooding all affect our families. Plan now to protect your family! Here are some things our family has done:
1. Keep a 2 weeks supply of drinking water in your home, and more for household needs
2. Pack a 3-day emergency backpack for each family member in case of evacuation
3. Have an emergency contact plan for family members and make sure everyone knows what it is.
4. Keep a small amount of cash on hand for emergencies
5. Store a 3 month supply of food that is easy to cook and that is familiar to your family.
6. Keep candles, batteries, flashlights and medicines and first aid supplies handy.

Our family has shopped online at Emergency Essentials to purchase 100 hr candles, freeze dried emergency food and water treatment drops for long term water storage.
Stay Safe, Houston!

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